Book of Saints – Bibiana

statue of Saint Bibiana by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Santa Bibiana, Rome, Italy, date unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Vibiana, Vivian) (Saint) Virgin Martyr (December 2) (4th century) Saint Bibiana was the daughter and sister of Martyrs. Her father, Saint Flavian, her mother, Saint Daphrosa, and her sister, Saint Demetria, all laid down their lives for Christ. Saint Bibiana herself was scourged to death at Rome in the persecution under Julian the Apostate (A.D. 363). A very long account is given of her sufferings in a composition much accredited in the Middle Ages; but which resists badly scientific criticism. Her name, with the place and fact of her martyrdom, are all that can be asserted with certainty. Her fame has been widespread from early ages. She is Patron Saint of churches in Spain and in Germany. Her church in Rome was dedicated by Pope Saint Simplicius, about one hundred years after her passion; and she is liturgically commemorated yearly in the Universal Church on the anniversary of her martyrdom. In art, she is often represented holding in her hand a green branch covered with twigs and foliage.

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