Book of Saints – Arcadius, Paschasius, Probus, Eutychian and Paulillus


ARCADIUS, PASCHASIUS, PROBUS, EUTYCHIAN and PAULILLUS (Saints) Martyrs (November 13) (5th century) Spaniards who suffered death for the Catholic Faith in Africa, whither they had been deported by the Arian Genseric, King of the Vandals. Paulillus, a child, younger brother of Saints Paschasius and Eutychian, though not put to death, but only scourged and sold into slavery, is reckoned like the others among the Martyrs. These Saints are regarded as the Proto-Martyrs of the Vandal persecution. Hence Honoratus, Bishop of Constantine, in a letter to Arcadius, addresses him by the title of “Standard-Bearer of the Faith.” The year 437 is given as the date of their martyrdom.

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