Book of Saints – Arbogastes


ARBOGASTES (Saint) Bishop (July 21) (7th century) Though claimed as their compatriot both by the Irish and by the Scotch, he is described in his Life as a noble of Aquitaine, who, taking to the life of a hermit, passed several years in a solitary cave in Alsace. In A. P. 660, King Dagobert II insisted on his accepting the Bishopric of Strasbourg. Saint Arbogastus was remarkable as a Bishop, and the object even in life of intense popular veneration. Among the many miracles related as wroueht by him is the raising again to life of one “of the King’s sons, who had been accidentally killed while hunting. The Saint died in the year 678, and was at his own request at first interred in the place set apart for the burial of criminals. A church was soon built over his tomb. In art, Saint Arbogastus is usually represented as walking dry-shod over a river.

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