Book of Saints – Apuleius and Marcellus


APULEIUS and MARCELLUS (Saints) Martyrs (October 7) (1st century) According to the Roman Martyrology, Saint Apuleius and his fellow-martyr (by some said to have been his own brother), Marcellus, were at one time followers of Simon Magus, but were converted at sight of the miracles wrought by the Apostle Saint Peter. They gained the crown of martyrdom under a judge by name Aurelian, and were buried without the walls of Rome. There is a tradition that it was they who interred the body of Saint Peter on the Vatican Hill after his crucifixion, which they carried out “after the manner of the Jews,” in order that in his tomb as in his death, the Apostle might be like to his Divine Master. Saints Apuleius and Marcellus are commemorated in all the ancient Martyrologies and in many Liturgies.

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