Book of Saints – Antoninus – 2 September


ANTONINUS (Saint) Martyr (September 2) (2nd century) This holy Martyr is sometimes confused with Saint Antoninus of Apamea in Syria, so much so that even the Bollandists offer no solution to the doubt. His cultus at Apamea (Pamiers, Languedoc) in France, and at Palentia in Spain, is undoubted. Local tradition in France places his martyrdom at Fredelas, afterwards called Pamiers, which is also said to have been his birthplace in the second half of the first century. He is supposed to have been of Royal blood, to have lived for a time in solitude, to have visited Rome, and to have been there ordained priest. After preaching in Italy and working many miracles, he is alleged to have returned to Prance, and laboured in the district of Noble-Val (now called S. Antonin) and also in Toulouse. After undergoing torture he was beheaded. The date is too uncertain for reasonable conjecture.

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