Book of Saints – Anne

detail of an engraving of Saint Anne educating the Blessed Virgin Mary while Saint Joachim watches; early 18th century by Pierre-Imbert Drevet; Wellcome Library, London, England; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saint) Mother of Our Blessed Lady (July 26) (1st century) Saints Joachim and Anne, both of the tribe of Juda and of the Royal House of David, are venerated by the Church as the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary It is believed that Mary was their only child, and the Mary mentioned in the Gospels as the sister of the Mother of God was in reality only her cousin, such manner of speaking being not unusual in the East. Holy Scripture makes no mention of Saints Joachim and Anne, but they have been honoured by the Church as Saints from early times. Churches were dedicated under their patronage, and the Fathers, especially those of the Oriental Churches, dilate on their privileges. The relics of Saint Anne are said to have been brought from Palestine to Constantinople in the eighth century. Saint Anne is usually represented as teaching her little daughter to read the Scriptures.

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