Book of Saints – Amphilochius


AMPHILOCHIUS (Saint) Bishop (November 22) (4th century) An Asiatic who gave up a promising career as a lawyer to become a solitary, and was afterwards elected Bishop of Iconium. He was of great service to Saint Basil, assisting and supporting that Saint in the government of the Church of Cappadocia. Saint Gregory of Nazianzen, his intimate friend, describes him as a pontiff without reproach. He attended the great Council of Constantinople (A.D. 381), where he met Saint Jerome. As a theologian he vindicated the Divinity of the Holy Ghost against the followers of Macedonius, and it was to him that Saint Basil dedicated his work on the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. Saint Amphilochius presided over a Council at Sida in Pamphylia; and his teachings are quoted with approval by later Synods. The date of his death was probably one of the closing years of the fourth century, for Saint Jerome speaks of him as still living A.D. 392.

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