Book of Saints – Aldhelm


ALDHELM (ADHELM) (Saint) Bishop (May 25) (8th century) The son of Kenter, a relative of Ina, King of Wessex, and a pupil at Canterbury of the Abbot Saint Adrian. He further pursued his studies under Saint Maidulf, an Irish scholar and the Founder of Malmesbury (Maidulfsbury). Saint Aldhelm himself became Abbot later on in his life of this same Abbey of Malmesbury, and, while holding this charge, at the request of a Synod, wrote his well-known letter to Gerontius, King of the Daranonian Britons on the vexed question of the date of Easter. On the division of the Diocese of Wessex, Saint Aldhelra was appointed Bishop of the Western half, with his See at Sherborne in Dorsetshire. Four years later (A.D. 709) he died at Dulting in Somersetshire. He was undoubtedly a highly accomplished prelate, and was the first among the Anglo-Saxons invaders of Britain to cultivate both Latin and vernacular poetry.

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