Boniface Asks Protection for His Mission In Thuringia From Grifo, Mayor of The Palace, 741

Boniface, servant of the servants of God, greetings in Christ to Grifo, son of Charles.

I beg and entreat Your Highness in the name of God the Father Almighty, of Jesus Christ, His Son, and of the Holy Ghost, by the Trinity and Unity of God, that in the event of your coming to power you will help the clerics, priests, monks, nuns and all the servants of God in Thuringia, and that you will protect the Christians from the hostility of the heathens so that they may not be destroyed by them. Thus you will reap an everlasting reward at the judgment seat of Christ. Be assured that you are constantly in our prayers to God: this, your father desired during his lifetime as did also your mother. We pray God, the Saviour of the world, to guide your steps through life, so that your soul may be saved and you may abide in the grace of God for evermore.

Meanwhile, my son, recall the words of the psalmist: “Man’s life is like the grass, he blooms and dies like a flower in the fields.” And the Apostle: “The whole world about us was in the power of evil.” And Truth Himself says in the Gospel: “How is a man the better for gaining the whole world if he loses himself?. “And again in the Gospel, speaking of the glory of the just: “Then, at last, the just will shine out, clear as the sun, in their Father’s kingdom.” And Paul, the Apostle, said about the bliss of eternal life: “Things no eye has seen, nor ear heard, no human heart conceived, is the welcome God has prepared for those who love Him.

So conduct yourself my son, that your reward may shine ever more brightly in the high vault of heaven.

Our wish is that it may be well with you till the end of your days in Christ.