Blessed Zefirino Agostini

[Blessed Zefirino Agostini]Also known as

  • Zephyrinus Agostini



Oldest son of Antonio Agostini, a physician, and Agela Frattini; his father died when Zefirino was very young. Ordained on 11 March 1837. Curate, youth minister and catechist at Saint Nazarius church for 8 years.

Assigned as priest to a very poor parish in 1845. Established after-school programs for girls, religious instruction for mothers, and education for women. Initiated excited devotion to Saint Angela Merici among his female parishioners, and founded the Pious Union of Sisters Devoted to Saint Angela Merici whose rule was approved by Bishop Ricabona in 1856. On 2 November 1856, he opened his first charitable school for poor girls. After 1860 some of the local women who worked at the school chose community life; Father Agostini prepared the first rule for the community, and on 24 September 1869 the first twelve Ursulines made their profession. On 18 November 1869, they founded the Congregation of Ursulines, Daughters of Mary Immaculate.






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Do not be dismayed by toil or suffering, nor by the meager fruit of your labours. Remember that God rewards not according to results, but effort. - Blessed Zefirino, 1874

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