Blessed Vladimir Ghika

Blessed Vladimir GhikaAlso known as

  • Vladimir Ghica
  • Apostolic Wanderer



Born a Romanian prince, grandson of the last ruler of Moldavia, Prince Gregory V. Studied in Toulouse, France, at the University of Paris, in Romania, and at the Dominican university in Rome, Italy. Established the first free hospital in Romania, and the country‘s first ambulance service. Ordained in Paris, France on 7 October 1923. On 3 August 1939 he returned to the archdiocese of Bucharest, Romania, and cared for his parishioners, the sick, and refugees throughout World War II. Arrested by Communists on 18 November 1952 for the crime of being Christian. Tortured, beaten, starved, and finally martyred.



  • 16 May 1954 in Jilava, Bucharest, Romania from years of torture, starvation and general abuse



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