Blessed Vilmos Apor

Also known as

  • Vilhelm Apor
  • Gulielmus Apor
  • William Apor



Born to the Hungarian nobility. Ordained on 24 August 1915. Chosen bishop of Gyõr, Hungary on 21 January 1941 by Pope Pius XII. Conventual chaplain ad honorem of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Known for his hard work, his efforts for social justice, his support of the poor, his protection of the weak. Provided emergency supplies to Jews being deported through his town. Sheltered those made homeless by air raids. Hid and protected women from brutalities of Russian soldiers who were closing in on Germany at the end of World War II. Shot on a Good Friday by a drunken Red Army officer who was chasing women who had fled to bishop Vilmos for protection; he died three days later.






  • if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Vilmos, contact
       Egyházmegyei Hatóság
       Káptalandomb 1
       9021 Gyor, HUNGARY

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The Cross strengthens the weak, it curbs the powerful. - episcopal motto of Blessed Vilmos

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