Blessed Tadeusz Dulny

illustration of Blessed Tadeusz Dulny, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Tadeo Dulny
  • Taddeo Dulny
  • Thaddeus Dulny
  • prisoner 22662



One of eight children born to Jan and Antonina Dulny, and raised in a very pious family. Seminarian in the diocese of Wloclawek, Poland where he was known for being devout, studious (though not a great student), and showing a true vocation to the priesthood. Arrested on 7 October 1939 with other seminarians and their teachers as part of the Nazi invasion of Poland that triggered World War II in Europe. They were all imprisoned in the Salesian College of Lad, which the Nazis had turned into a temporary detention center, and the teachers resumed covert instruction of the seminarians. Tadeusz was transferred to the Sachhausen concentration camp near Berlin, Germany on 26 August 1940, and then to the Dachau camp in Germany on 15 December 1940. There he was beaten, tortured, starved, over worked and basically abused to death over a period of 20 months; he was known to give his food rations to other prisoners whom he thought were in worse shape than he was. Martyr.





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