Blessed Stephen Bellesini

Also known as

  • Aloysius Bellesini
  • Stefano Bellesini



Born to the Italian nobility. Became Augustinian in 1790 at age 16 at the monastery of Saint Mark in Venice, Italy, taking the name Stephen; he made his profession on 31 May 1794. Studied in Rome and Bologna in Italy. During the French Revolution troops shut down religious houses in the region, and dissolved the Augustinians; this ended Stephen’s studies, and left him without his religious community.

He devoted himself to preaching and religious education for children. He organized a free school for poor children at Trentino. It was called La Scola per gnent (The School for Nothing), and had nearly 500 students and several lay teachers. His work impressed the governors of Trent, Italy, and they appointed him inspector of the province’s schools.

When the Augustinians were restored, Stephen return to religious life. Novice master at Rome and Citta delle Pieve, Italy. Parish priest in 1831 at Genazzano, Italy, site of the shrine of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Devoted to his parishioners, Stephen made endless sick calls, working with victims of a cholera epidemic in 1840 until contracting the disease himself.






  • if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Stephen, contact
       Santuario Maria Ssma. del Buen Consiglio
       00030 Genazzano, ITALY

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