Blessed Raymond of Capua

detail from a Blessed Raymond of Capua antique holy card, artist unknown; wiped off the Santi e Beati web siteAlso known as

  • Raymond delle Vigne
  • Raymund….
  • Raimondo….



Studied at the University of Bologna, Italy. Dominican priest. Held assorted offices in various Dominican friaries around Italy including prior of the house in Rome, and lector in Florence and Siena. Spiritual director of, close advisor to, and extensive correspondent with Saint Catherine of Siena. Supported the call for Crusade against the Turks. Added his voice to the plea for Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome from Avignon, France. Worked with plague victims in Siena, and caught the disease himself. Supported Pope Urban VI against the anti-pope Clement VII in 1378. Master-general of the Dominicans in 1380. Restored discipline to the Order, and reformed it to the point that he is considered a second founder. Wrote biographies of Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Agnes of Montepulciano.




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