Blessed Peter Thomas

detail of a painting of Blessed Peter Thomas by Brother Juan del Sacramento Santísima, c.1675, Museum of Fine Arts, Cordoba, Spain; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Pedro Tomas



Carmelite at age 21. Noted preacher and homilist. Order‘s procurator-general to the papal court at Avignon, France in 1345; while there, he entered the papal diplomatic service. Papal legate to Genoa, Milan, and Venice in Italy. Bishop of Patti, Italy and Lipari, Italy in 1354. Bishop of Coron in 1359. Papal representative to the Eastern Churches, working for peace, unity, and healing of the Great Schism. Papal legate to the East in 1359. Archbishop of Candia, Crete in 1363. Latin Patriarch of Constantinople in 1364. Preached Crusade against the Turks throughout Serbia, Hungary, and Constantinople, and travelled with the armies. Enjoyed a reputation among both Catholic and Orthodox spheres as an apostle of Church unity.




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