Blessed Paul Burali d’Arezzo

Blessed Paul Burali d’ArezzoAlso known as

  • Paolo Burali d’Arezzo
  • Scipione



Graduated from the University of Salerno in 1525, and then from the University of Bologna in 1536; the future Pope Gregory XIII was one of his teachers. Layman civil and canon lawyer in Naples, Italy for twelve years. Royal counsellor to Emperor Charles V in 1549. Auditor general of the army under Ferdinand of Toledo. Joined the Theatines on 25 January 1557, taking the name Paolo. Spiritual student of Blessed Giovanni Marinoni. Ordained on 26 March 1558. Papal ambassador to the court of Spain for Pope Pius IV in 1564. Superior of the Theatine house of Naples. Superior of the Theatine house of Rome, Italy. Worked with Saint Andrew Avellino. Bishop of Piacenza, Italy on 23 July 1568. Created cardinal on 15 May 1570 by Pope Saint Pius V. Archbishop of Naples, Italy on 19 September 1576. Implemented the decrees of the Council of Trent. Published a catechism for priests in 1577.




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