Blessed Panacea de’Muzzi of Quarona

detail of a painting of the martyrdom of Blessed Panacea de'Muzzi of Quarona, artist unknown; from the church of San Giovanni al Monte, Quarona, Italy; swiped off a web site devoted to the churchAlso known as

  • Panacea de Muzzi
  • Panacea of Quarona
  • Panassia
  • Panexia


  • 27 March
  • 1 May on some calendars
  • local festivals celebrating her memory traditionally include puff pastries names beatines made according to ancient recipes


Panacea’s mother died when the girl was an infant. When she was old enough, Panacea worked as shepherdess. Her father re-married, but her step-mother, Margherita di Locarno Sesia, quickly developed a hatred of the girl, partly because she would not work as ordered, and partially because Panacea was a pious little girl and Margherita hated religion. The conflict culminated when Margherita murdered Panacea while the girl was at prayer.






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