Blessed Lojze Grozde

photograph of Blessed Lojze Grozde, date unknown, photographer unknown; swiped from Vrtnice Jezusovega in Marijinega srcaMemorial

Also known as

  • Alojzij Grozde


As he was born out of wedlock, his mother had him baptized him on the day of his birth, but she, his biological father, and his and step-father all refused to raise the boy, and from age four he was grew up by his maternal grandparents and an aunt. They all poor peasants, but pious and patriotic people who instilled those traits in Lojze. He was an excellent student, graduated with honours, and with the help of an unknown benefactor, attended an Episcopal boarding school. He joined the Congregation of Mary at age 13, and Catholic Action at age 15; he immediately became an active and enthusiatic member. Lojze considered the priesthood, but felt he could accomplish more as a layman, counseling other young people and working through Catholic Action. Wrote poetry from an early age. Imprisoned, tortured and murdered by Communist partisans under Tito; the partisans were as ferocious in their persecution of Catholics as they were in their opposition to invading Nazis. Martyr.


  • 27 May 1923 in Tržišce, Zgornje Vodale, Slovenia




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