Blessed Julian Cesarello de Valle

illustration of Blessed Julian Cesarello de Valle, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiMemorial


Born to the nobility. Joined the Franciscans as a teenager. Priest. Noted preacher throughout the region. Known for his austere lifestyle, strict devotion to the Franciscan rule, and charity to the poor.



  • c.1349 at Valle, Istria, Venetian Republic (in modern Croatia) of natural causes
  • buried at the convent of Michael the Archangel near Valle where he had lived all his adult life
  • the convent was abandoned in 1418
  • residents of the nearby town of Porec tried to steal his relics in 1564; legend says that the cask containing them grew heavier and heavier the farther they went until it was too heavy to move; only the residents of Valle were able to pick it up, taking the relics back to Julian’s home town


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