Blessed Giulio of Montevergine

Blessed Giulio of MontevergineAlso known as

  • Julio
  • Julius



Born to the Italian nobility, he received a good education in music, literature and the sciences. As a young man he felt a call to religious life, gave away all he had to the poor, and left home to live as a hermit in the area of Campania, Italy. He and a another hermit, named Giovanni, developed such a reputation for wisdom and holiness that they attraced would-be students, and the local feudal lords built them a hermitage and a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The two hermits wanted the property entrusted to a religious order, so Pope Gregory XIII sent the Camaldolese Benedictines. With the place and the local people cared for by the monks, Giulio withdrew from the area to return to life as a prayerful hermit. With the permission of the monks, he lived near the abbey of Montevergine, but never joined the Order. He served the abbey for 24 years as organist and achieved such a reputation that people came from other cities to hear him during liturgies.



  • 8 July 1601 at the abbey of Montevergine of natural causes
  • buried at his own request under the floor of the Chapel of the Madonna in the abbey so that he would be trampled by all the pilgrims and thus be reminded that he was a great sinner
  • his tomb was opened in 1621 during renovations to the chapel, and his body was found to be incorrupt after 20 years
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