Blessed Everard of Stahleck

Also known as

  • Everard of Commed
  • Everard of Chumbd
  • Everard of Comeda
  • Eberhard of…



Born to the nobility, the youngest son of Wolfram of family of the counts of Stahleck in modern Germany. Page in the court at Heidelberg, Germany. In his early teens, Everard felt a call to religious life and tried three times to enter the Cistercian abbey of Schönau near Heidelberg, but was refused as being too young and uneducated. At age 16 he built himself a hermitage at Chumbd, Simmern, Hunsrück, diocese of Mainz, Germany and retired there from the world. Helped found a convent of Cistercian nuns at Chumbd (Comeda; Kumbd), Germany in 1183. Cistercian monk. Sub-deacon. Spiritual director of the nuns of Chumbd. Two of his sisters became nuns there, and a brother joined the Cistercians as a lay brother.


  • 1165 in the Stahleck castle, Bacharach, Rhineland-Palatinate (in modern Germany)


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