Blessed Domingo Iturrate Zubero

Also known as

  • Dominikus Zubero
  • Domenico Iturrate of the Most Blessed Sacrament
  • Domingo of the Blessed Sacrament



Devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary at an early age. Trinitarian priest, taking the name Domenico Iturrate of the Most Blessed Sacrament.






  • if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Domingo, contact
       Rev. Antonio Sáez de Albéniz, OSsT
       Provincia Trinitaria de España-Norte
       C/ Echegaray, 30
       28014 Madrid, SPAIN

Additional Information


Our obedience to God‘s Will must be total, without reserve, and constant. - Blessed Dominic, 1922

The faithful fulfillment of God‘s Will is an aim which in him reached very lofty heights, especially during the last years of his life. As a Trinitarian religious, he strove to live according to two central principles of the spirituality of his Order: the mystery of the Holy Trinity and the work of the Redemption, which led to a life of intense charity. - Pope John Paul II

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