Blessed Bernard of Baden

detail of a stained glass window of Blessed Bernard of Baden by Lütz and Elmpt of Constance, Germany, 1907; church of Saint Nicholas parish, Allensbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; photographed on 23 March 2016 by Wolfgang Sauber; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Bernard of Marchio
  • Bernard II, Margrave of Baden-Baden
  • Bernhard of Baden
  • Bernardo



Born to the nobility, the son of Margrave Jacob of Baden and Catherine de Lorraine; grandson of Saint Margaret of Bavaria. Heir to the title Margrave of Baden, he renounced it to become the personal envoy of Emperor Frederick III. Worked to help the poor, spending largely from his personal funds. Worked to unify the European courts behind a Crusade against the Turks, and died while on the road in that work.


  • c.1428 in Hohenbaden Castle, Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg,





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