Blessed Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam

Blessed Antoine-Frédéric OzanamMemorial


Born to Jean and Marie Ozanam, the fifth of 14 children; only three of them survived to adulthood. Married layman scholar, teacher and author in the archdioceses of Paris and Marseilles, France. Studied law in Paris. Worked in the judicial service in Lyons, France. Obtained a doctorate based on his work on Dante. Taught in Lyons, Paris and the Sorbonne. His writing and teaching always revolved around the benefits to individuals and society of Christianity. One of the founders of the Conference of Charity which became the modern Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.






  • Etudes Germaniques (Germanic Studies)
  • Poetes franciscains en Italie (Franciscan poets in Italy)
  • La civilisation chretienne chez les Francs (Christian civilization among the Franks)

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