Blessed Andrew of Peschiera

Also known as

  • Andrew Grego
  • Apostle of the Valtelline



Grew up on the shore of Lake Garda, Italy, and was known as a pious child. He early felt a desire to become a hermit, and tried living in monastic style at his father‘s home. When his father died, the 15 year old Andrew joined the Dominicans at the priory at Brescia, Italy. Studied at the San Marco monastery in Florence, Italy with Saint Antoninus of Florence, Blessed Lawrence of Riprafratta, Blessed Constantius of Fabriano, and Blessed Antony della Chiesa. Worked 45 years as a travelling preacher in the Valtellina region of the Italian Alps, travelling the mountains on foot, living with the poor, staying where he could, hiding from bandits and heretics. He founded churches, hospitals, schools, and orphanages. Miracle worker. Legend says that once when he was preaching some heretics gave him a book of their teachings to learn from; he told them to open it themselves and learn; a snake emerged from the book.




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