Blessed Albertina Berkenbrock

Also known as

  • Albertina Serva de Deus
  • Albertina, Servant of God



Lay person in the diocese of Tubarão, Brazil. Raised in a pious family who insured that Albertina had a strong foundation in the faith. Baptized on 25 May 1919, Confirmed on 9 March 1925, and made her First Communion on 16 August 1928. At age 12 she was attacked by one of her father‘s employees, who tried to rape her. She fought back; when he realized he would fail and she would identify him, the attacker killed Albertina; she is considered a martyr in the defense of chastity.






  • if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Albertina, contact
       Vicepostulação da Causa A. Berkenbrock
       C.P. 341
       88701-970 Tubarão, BRAZIL

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