Blessed Alan de Solminihac

Blessed Alan de SolminihacAlso known as

  • Alain de Solminihac
  • Alamus de Solminihac
  • Alan av Solminihac
  • Alan of Solminihac
  • Alanus av Solminihac



Born to a noble, pious and patriotic family, Alan wanted to join the Knights of Malta, to serve God while in the military. Instead, however, he became an Augustinian Regular at Chancelade Abbey, Périgueux, France at age twenty. Superior of the abbey in 1623. He worked to restore order and piety to his men, and was so successful that the reforms spread to other local houses.

Bishop of Cahors, France for 23 years from 1636 until his death. There he continued his reforms of the religious houses, and evangelization of his parishioners. Noted for his face-to-face meetings with the laity, Alan visited each of his 800 parishes at least nine times during his espicopate. He held a synod, episcopal council, founded a seminary, sponsored home missions and charities, brought back traditional devotions, and promoted adoration of the Eucharist. Attended the Council of Trent, and followed the lead of Saint Charles Borromeo in enforcing the Council‘s decrees in his home diocese.





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