Now Aglar. A city at the head of the Adriatic Sea, Italy, for many centuries seat of a patriarchate. A city of the empire under Charlemagne, it became in the 11th century a feudal possession of its patriarch, whose temporal authority was disputed by the nobility. The see, according to tradition, was founded by Saint Mark, and numbered Hermagnos and Helarus among its martyr bishops. In the 6th century its patriarchal dignity caused a schism, which lasted fifty years, and resulted in the establishment of the Patriarchate of Aquileia in Grado. After a brief revival of power under German feudal influence it was held by the Venetians. In 1751 the pope divided the patriarchate into the two archdioceses of Udine and Gorz, leaving to Aquileia only the parish church, directly subject to the Apostolic see. Its rector was granted the use of the episcopal insignia seven times a year.

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