Antiphons of Saint Anthony in the Form of Prayer

Almighty and all powerful God! I, the most wretched and unworthy of Your creatures, prostrate before the throne of Your infinite mercy, return You my most humble thanks for all the graces and power it has pleased You to bestow on Your saints, but more especially for those lavished on Your servant Anthony, my dear patron, at whose voice the sick are restored to health, the blind see; the maimed recover their lost limbs; the prisoner his liberty; those in danger at sea are saved from shipwreck; lost friends and things are found; the wretched are consoled; misery of every description relieved; heresy overcome, and even death and hell obey his commands. And this not only in his own city of Padua, but throughout the whole Catholic world.

I, therefore, oh, Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! desire to thank You for all Your mercies and goodness and to beseech of You to hear and grant my petition in this, my present and all my other necessities, through the intercession and merits of Your servant, Anthony.

Dear Saint Anthony, obtain this favor for me by your most powerful prayers. Amen.

text taken from Anecdotes Proving the Miraculous Power of Saint Anthony of Padua, by Father Joseph A Keller, 1899; edited and language modernized by Brother Sean, a choir monk, 2008