A Garner of Saints – The Last Judgement

thieves being tortures in HellArticle

The Saviour descends in clouds above the valley of Jehoshaphat attended by the nine orders of angels, the instruments of the passion are borne about him, while the five wounds shine like rubies. On his right hand stands the Virgin Mary and on his left Saint John the Baptist accompanied respectively by the saints of the old and new Testament. The book of life is to be opened and the trumpet blown, summoning man to judgment. The dead rise from their graves and the archangel Michael stands with his scales to weigh the just and the unjust. Angels separate the good from the wicked and accompany the former to the gates of Paradise, where they are received by Saint Peter; the latter are carried off by devils to be tormented in Hell. This is divided into nine circles, to each of which is allotted a distinct punishment, in the lowest of all being Judas, who is tormented by Lucifer.

The distribution of the circles as described by Dante is as follows:

  1. Limbo, containing virtuous pagans and unbaptized infants.
  2. Carnal-minded.
  3. Gluttons.
  4. Misers and Spendthrifts.
  5. Passionate.
  6. Heretics.
  7. Violent, Suicides, Blasphemers, Sodomites, Fraudulent.
  8. Seducers, Flatterers, Simoniacs, Sorcerers, thieving bargainers, hypocrites, cowards, false counsellors, scandalmongers, forgers.
  9. Traitors.

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