A Garner of Saints – The Holy Chemise of the Virgin


This valuable relic had by some means become the property of a Jewish woman, when two patricians of Constantinople made use of a somewhat questionable stratagem to gain possession of it. From their hands the relic came into the possession of the emperor of the East, who preserved it until the day when the Emperor Nicephoros did homage to Charlemagne. It was then taken to Aix la Chapelle, remaining there until 877 when Charles the Bald presented it to the church of Chartres. In this city it was always an object of peculiar veneration, and, when the Normans under their Duke Raoul were attacking Chartres in the year 908, the men of the city carried it as a banner. The Normans, when they saw it, laughed and mocked, but God blinded them for their blasphemy andithe Chartrains sallied out and killed a great number of them. From this time forward until the day when the treasury of the cathedral was pillaged the relic did not cease to work miracles.

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