A Garner of Saints – Susannah

detail from the painting 'La Justification de Suzanne' by François-Guillaume Méneageot, c.1779; it depicts the proof of innocence of Susannah by the youth Daniel; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

There was a man of Babylon named Joachim who took to wife Susannah, the daughter of Chelcias, a very fair woman who feared the Lord. Now Joachim was a rich man and had a fair garden adjoining his house, and to him resorted the Jews, because he was more honourable than all others. The same year two ancients were appointed judges, and they resorted much to Joachim’s house. And at noon Susannah went into the garden to walk, and the elders saw her so that their lust was inflamed towards her, though they were ashamed to declare their feelings to each other; but presently they discovered each other, and they both appointed a time when they might find her alone. One hot day she went into the garden with two maids only, to wash, and they hid themselves and watched her. And she sent her maids to fetch oil and washing balls, and when they were gone the elders ran to her, making shameful proposals to her. But she refused. Then one of the elders opened the garden door, and accused her, saying they had found her with a young man. The following day the people assembled and she was accused. And the elders commanded her to uncover her face that they might be filled with her beauty. Then the elders accused her so that the assembly believed her to be guilty, and she was condemned to death. But Susannah cried to the Lord, and as she was being led forth, a youth named Daniel stood up and said, “I am innocent of the blood of this woman.” When all turned to him in wonder, he rebuked them for judging a cause without examination, and calling them back to the place of judgment he examined the elders separately. And whereas one said that he had found the guilty pair under a mastic tree, the other said he had seen them under a holm tree. Then the people praised God and they led forth the elders and stoned them.

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