A Garner of Saints – Sibyls


They served the Gentiles as the prophets did the Jews, in predicting the coming of the Saviour. This chart shows their names, the country they served, their distinguishing emblems, and the nature of their prophecies.

Sibylla Lybica
Country: Lybia
Emblem: Lighted taper or myrtle
Prophecy: A day shall come when men shall see the king of all living things.

Sibylla Samia
Country: Samos
Emblem: Reed or cradle
Prophecy: He who was rich should be born of a poor virgin.

Sibylla Cumana
Country: Cumae
Emblem: Cradle, sponge or loaf of bread
Prophecy: Christ should come from heaven and live and reign on earth in poverty.

Sibylla Cimmeriana
Country: Black Sea
Emblem: Cross, feeding bottle or horn
Prophecy: God would be born of a virgin and converse among sinners.

Sibylla Erythrina
Country: Red Sea
Emblem: Horn, sword or white rose; as an old woman or a nun in black
Prophecy: Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Saviour

Sibylla Europara
Country: Europe
Emblem: Sword
Prophecy: A virgin and her son should flee into Egypt

Sibylla Persica
Country: Persia
Emblem: Dragon under her feet and a lantern and open book; as an old woman
Prophecy: The devil should be overcome by a true prophet

Sibylla Agrippina
Emblem: Whip
Prophecy: Christ should be outraged and scourged

Sibylla Tiburtina
Country: Tivoli
Emblem: Flowering rod, hand or glove
Prophecy: The highest shall come from heaven and a virgin shall be shown in the valleys of the desert

Sibylla Delphica
Country: Delos
Emblem: Crown of thorns or horn
Prophecy: A prophet should be born of a virgin and crowned with thorns

Sibylla Hellespontica
Country: Hellespont
Emblem: A T cross, bunch of flowers
Prophecy: Jesus Christ should suffer shame on the cross

Sibylla Phrygia
Country: Phrygia
Emblem: Banner and a cross
Prophecy: Christ should rise again

On the site of the Ara Celi, the Emperor Octavian once asked a Sibyl whether he should accept divine honours for himself or no. She immediately replied, that a greater king than he should appear, and pointing to the sky she showed him a vision of the Virgin and Child. And a voice came from heaven, saying, this is the spot for an altar to the Son of God (Hac ara filii Dei). Upon this, the emperor reverently knelt in worship, and not long after he erected an altar upon the spot, where the church was subsequently built.

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