A Garner of Saints – Saints Simon and Jude

marble statue of Saint Simon by Francesco Moratti, 1708-09; Basilica of Saint John Lateran, Rome, Italystatues of Saint Jude Thaddeus, date and artist unknown; parish church of Saint Otto, Bamberg, Germany; photographed on 2 February 2016 by ermell; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Apostles; Brothers of James the Less, and the sons of Mary Cleophos the wife of Alphaeus. After the Ascension Thomas sent Jude to Abagan, King of Egypt. This king had written to the Saviour, who had replied, promising to send an apostle to him after the Ascension, and as the king was not able to see Him, had sent a painter to paint His portrait. But the artist was unable to attempt the task, so that Christ took the panel, and pressing it to His face, left a perfect image of Himself there, which he sent to the king. When Jude arrived at the court the king observed a heavenly radiance in his face, and recognised that he had indeed been sent by the Lord. Now the king was a leper, but Jude cured him by rubbing the Lord’s letter over his skin. Jude subsequently preached in Mesopotamia while Simon taught in Egypt, after which they both went to Persia. Here they were encountered by two magicians whom Matthew had driven from Ethiopia. Now Baradach, general of the King of Babylon, was marching against the enemy, but could not obtain any oracle from his gods. Learning that this was because of the presence of the apostles he sent for them, and they told him of their mission. And the general besought them to declare to him the result of the war. But the apostles requested that the sooth-sayers should first declare their oracle, who said that the future should be full of great wars, while many dangers menaced the people. At this the apostles laughed, declaring that on the following day the Indian envoys would arrive to make their submission. The soothsayers mocked at this, but the general put them and the apostles under guard to see which had spoken true. The next day the envoys arrived and the general would have burned the priests, had not the apostles intervened. But the priests were filled with envy, and declared to the general that in their presence the apostles would be unable to speak. And they brought several orators, who became completely dumb in their presence, while they were subsequently allowed to speak but not to move, and were rendered blind. Then the general brought the discomfited orators before the apostles, and when they saw that Simon and Jude were poorly clothed, they despised them in their hearts. But Simon showed them that appearances were of little worth, and after exacting from them a promise to be converted if he should render them proof against the sorcerers, he made the sign of the cross on their forehead and sent them before the king. And the sorcerers no longer had any power over them. Then the sorcerers summoned a swarm of serpents, but the apostles arriving on the scene filled their cloaks with the reptiles and threw them at the sorcerers who were torn by them and suflered fearful agony. After that the apostles caused the serpents to withdraw their poison and sent them away to a solitary place where they could do no more harm, while they healed the sorcerers of their wounds. But these men, filled with malice, stirred up all Babylon against them. Now it happened that the daughter of a powerful lord brought forth a child, and she accused a holy deacon of having seduced her, so that her parents would have killed the man, but the apostles came and caused the new-born babe to speak, proclaiming the innocence of the deacon. About the same time two tigers escaped from the pits where they were kept, and killed many, but when they fell in with the apostles they became as mild as lambs. And they baptized the king and his household as well as many others. But the magicians having come to a town named Sannir, stirred up the people so that when the apostles arrived there, they were seized and taken to the temple of the Sun, to sacrifice. But the demons in the idols cried out for fear, and at the command of the apostles two black Ethiopians issued from the idols, breaking the images and fleeing away with hoarse cries. At this the priests fell upon the apostles and killed them. Immediately the lightning descended from the serene sky consuming together the temple, the priests and the magicians. The king took the bodies of the apostles to Babylon and erected a church over them there. 28th October.

Attribute of Simon

  • The saw.

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