A Garner of Saints – Saints Gervase and Prothase

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Gervais; date unknown, artist unknown; church of Saint-Gervais and Saint-Protais du Montet, Le Montet, France; photographed on 24 July 2010 by Otourly; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Twin brothers, the sons of Saint Vitalis and Valeria, who suffered martyrdom at Milan under Nero. After the death of their parents they gave all their goods to the poor. Re-entering Milan, they shut themselves up in a cell, and for ten years devoted themselves to reading and prayer. When Count Astasius came to Milan to fight against the Arcomanni, the priests of the idols went to him and declared that he would gain no victory until Gervase and Prothase had been killed. Accordingly they were brought out and ordered to sacrifice; and when they refused the count caused Gervase to be beaten with whips, loaded with lead, and Prothase to be attached to a horse, and finally beheaded. Their bodies were taken by Philip, a servant of Christ, and hidden in his house. These remains were discovered by Ambrose, as they had appeared to him in a vision, in the year 386: a blind man who touched the relics received his sight, and other sick people were healed. 19th June.


  • Represented with a tree between them.

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