A Garner of Saints – Saint Valentine

silver Saint Valentine bust reliquary, c.1690, artist unknown; Diocesan Museum in Płock, Poland; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

A priest whom the Emperor Claudius sent for and interrogated, asking him why he did not worship the gods. But Valentine answered that the gods were nothing but men and full of all filthiness. And Claudius was struck by his answer, so that the prefect said, “The emperor is led astray, how can we desert what we have held to from our infancy?” Then the heart of Claudius was changed and he delivered Valentine to a prince who took him to his house. And Valentine prayed that Christ would illuminate the house with the true light. Arrived at the house he restored the sight of the prefect’s blind daughter, and his prayer was answered and the entire household was converted. But Valentine was beheaded about the year 280. 14th February.


  • Holds sun in hand.

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