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A member of the family of the Counts of Aquino in Calabria, who had royal blood in their veins. He was born in 1226 and was remarkable from his infancy for the sweetness of his temper. His education was begun at the Benedictine monastery of Monte Cassino, but at the age of ten he had leamed all they had to teach. From this place he went to study at the university of Naples, and at the age of seventeen he assumed the Dominican habit in that city. His mother hastened to the spot to prevent him from taking the vows, and hearing of this he fled away, but was captured by his brothers and imprisoned in his father’s fortress of Rocca Secca. He escaped by the assistance of his sisters, who let him down in a basket, and soon after he became a regular member of the Dominican order. Here he distinguished himself even more by his humility than by his learning. Yet his reputation continued to increase and he became the greatest theological writer and teacher of his age. In 1263 he attended a chapter general of the Dominicans at London, and obtained permission not to teach any more. He refused the archbishopric of Naples and lived in complete retirement. However, Gregory IX drew him from his retreat to attend the council at Lyons. Though his health was broken, Thomas believed it his duty to obey and accordingly he set out. But he never reached the city, dying at Fossa Nova in 1274. The body was subsequently taken to Toulouse, after long disputes concerning it. His canonisation took place in 1313. 7th March and 18th July.


  • Dominican habit; the sun on his breast or in his hand, while he holds a chalice.

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