A Garner of Saints – Saint Theodora

Saint Theodora the PenitentArticle

A noble and beautiful woman of Alexandria who lived in the time of the Emperor Zeno. Her husband was a rich man who feared God. Deceived by a sorceress, she sullied her innocence and was overcome by remorse. And her husband endeavoured to console her, not knowing the cause of her grief, but he could not. Theodora, however, cut her hair and dressing as a man obtained admission to a monastery. Her husband lamented her for many years, until one day an angel appeared to him directing him to rise and go into a certain street where he should meet his wife. Now Theodora came that way with oxen to take oil to the town, and she recognised her husband but he did not know her, and they saluted one another. After a while as he remained waiting there came a voice saying that the one who had saluted him was his wife. Theodora remained in the monastery working many miracles and putting the devil to flight. But a young woman having accused her of incontinence she was turned out of the monastery with the woman’s child. For seven years she supported this charge with patience until she was again admitted to the monastery with the child. Not long afterwards she died, and it was discovered that she was a woman. Directed by a vision the abbot went out and met her husband, who was coming to mourn for her. The husband became a monk and inhabited his wife’s cell, and not many years after he was appointed abbot of the monastery. 11th September.

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