A Garner of Saints – Saint Theodora of Alexandria

detail of a print of Saint Theodora and Saint Didymus exchanging clothes in the brothel; 1712 by Jan Luken; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Brought before the prefect Eustratius Proculus she was interrogated as to her belief and why she was not married. After this the prefect ordered her to be exposed in a place of ill repute, but she raised her eyes to heaven and prayed for succour. Now there lived at Alexandria a young man named Didymus. Dressing as a soldier he went to the place where the saint was, and when she saw him she was overcome by terror, but he comforted her, and they changed their clothes, Theodora going out as a soldier. When a libertine arrived some time after he was surprised to find a man instead of a woman. For his offence Didymus was summoned before the prefect and beheaded, Theodora came to the spot and desired to suffer in his stead, but in the end both were beheaded. 28th April.


  • Represented veiled.

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