A Garner of Saints – Saint Petronilla

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Daughter of the apostle Peter. On one occasion, while the disciples were staying with him, she lay sick of a fever. The emperor Titus thereupon said to the apostle, why do you allow her to suffer when you heal all the sick? Peter replied that it was better so, but in order to prove that he was not powerless to heal her, he directed her to wait on them. And immediately she felt herself healed and arose and waited on them. After she had finished, Peter told her to retum to bed, and she was taken with the fever as before, but when she had acquired in perfection the love of God she was perfectly healed. A lord named Flaccus, being struck by her beauty, desired to marry her. And she directed him to send the virgins who were to lead her to him to find her. Meanwhile Petronilla devoted herself to fasting and prayer, receiving the sacrament, and on the third day she rendered her soul to God. Flaccus, seeing that he had been deceived, turned to Felicola, Petronilla’s companion, ordering her to marry him or else sacrifice to idols. When she refused, she was imprisoned for eight days without food or drink. After that she was tortured on the rack and so died, her body being cast into a sewer. But Saint Nicodemus came and buried it, for which he was beaten to death and thrown into the Tiber, though a priest found the body and buried it. 31st May.


  • Broom; receiving the sacrament.

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