A Garner of Saints – Saint Paphnuce


(Latin: Pannutius, Panuzius): The most important portion of his history will be found under Onophrius. He is frequently represented with a musician, doubtless owing to the following circumstances. Having upon one occasion desired that his value in God’s sight might be revealed to him, an angel was sent from heaven to make known to him that his worth was about equal in God’s sight to that of a strolling musician who gained his livelihood by singing in the streets. The recluse, who did not feel flattered by the comparison, called the minstrel and enquired of him by what means he had come to merit the divine favour. The man replied that he had been a thief in his time, but he had afterwards reformed and practised several acts of charity, such as rescuing women from the insults of libertines, paying the debts of insolvent debtors and never refusing alms to a poor man. Edified by the rectitude of the man, Paphnuce told him what God had revealed to him, at which the poor musician was so touched, that he followed the saint to his monastery. He died there in a saintly manner, and the abbot saw his soul taken to heaven by angels. 29th November.


  • An angel points out to him a musician.

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