A Garner of Saints – Saint Maurice

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Leader of the Theban legion. When the Emperors Diocletian and Maximian sent envoys directing the extirpation of the Christians, those cities in which the Christians were in a majority sent them away empty handed. Then the emperors ordered the armies to be assembled in order to fight against the rebels, and the people of Thebes sent 6,666 men with Maurice as their leader. The army marched against the Gauls, and, after they had crossed the Alps, the Emperor ordered the soldiers to sacrifice. The Theban legion withdrew to Aganum, and when the emperor sent after them, ordering them to sacrifice, they refused saying that they were Christians. In a rage Caesar sent soldiers with orders to compel them to sacrifice or to be decimated. The soldiers returned word to the emperor that all the Christians were ready for martyrdom, and when he heard this he ordered that every tenth man should be beheaded. While the sentence was being executed, the standard bearer stood in the midst and exhorted them to martyrdom, directing the envoys to tell the emperor that although they were his servants, yet they belonged far more to Christ. Upon this the emperor was beside himself with rage, and ordered the legion to be surrounded and utterly exterminated. However, several escaped and preached Christ in the neighbouring parts. 22nd September.


  • In complete armour and bearing a standard in his hand.

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