A Garner of Saints – Saint Matthias

Saint MatthiasArticle

The apostle chosen to fill the place of Judas. He went to preach in Macedonia, and the Gentiles wishing to prove him gave him a strongly intoxicating liquor, but he felt no harm, and restored to sight 250 men whom it had blinded. However, the devil appeared to them in the shape of a child, exhorting them to kill Matthias, and, after seeking the apostle for three days, they shut him up in prison. Here demons appeared to him but did not dare approach him. But the Lord appeared and released him. Returning to Judea he preached and worked many wonders; but the Jews rose against him and stoned him, till at length one slew him with an axe. His body was taken to Rome and buried in Saint Maria Maggiore. 24th February.


  • Axe, sometimes lance.

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