A Garner of Saints – Saint Liberale

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A native of Altino in the march of Ancona, he was brought up and educated by Saint Heliodorus of that city. And he served the Lord and cherished the poor. When persecution broke out, Heliodorus left the city and proceeded to the islands (of the lagoons). Liberale however went into the church dedicated to the Virgin and besought her to receive his spirit. That night as he was sleeping an angel appeared to him announcing that his prayer had been heard. The following day, after visiting all the churches, he set out for the island of Flactio to rejoin Heliodorus. But he could not reach him on account of the water, and after staying a short while in the church of Saint Laurence, he died in the arms of the priests. His body was afterwards taken to Treviso, where it is preserved. He is patron saint of Treviso. 27th April.


  • Dressed as a knight in full armour, leaning on a lance.

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