A Garner of Saints – Saint Leonard of the Limousin

portrait of Saint Leonard of Noblac from the painting 'Saint Laurent between Saint Stephen and Saint Leonard' attributed to Raffaellino del Garbo, early 16th century; basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy; swiped from Wikimeida CommonsArticle

Was baptised by Saint Remi, archbishop of Rheims, his parents being people of distinction in the court of the French king. From that monarch he obtained permission that all the captives whom he visited should be set at liberty. Although greatly favoured by the king, and offered a bishopric, he resolved to live in poverty and humility and after a while departed to preach in Aquitaine. Arrived at Limoges, he found that the queen who had followed her husband hunting, was on the point of child-bearing, and great anxiety was felt for her safety. Leonard secured her a safe delivery, for which the king overwhelmed him with thanks and would have given him great wealth and possessions. Leonard however would only accept as much land as he could make the circle of in one night, mounted on his ass. Here he built a monastery and lived there with two monks, devoting himself to a life of mortification. There being no water nearer than a mile, he caused a well to be dug in a dry place, and by his prayers filled it with water. He called the place Nobiliac, because it was the noble present of a king. He worked a number of miracles, and when a prisoner invoked his name, the chains fell from him; and many of them stayed with him, devoting themselves to religion. After many good works, he died at the monastery which he had founded about 559. He is the patron saint of all prisoners and captives and of women in travail. 6th November.


  • Carries chains in his hand, and wears the habit of a deacon.

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