A Garner of Saints – Saint James the Less

detail of a stained glass window of Saint James the Lesser, 1901,artist unknown; Saint Mark's Church, Lymington Avenue, London, England; photographed on 15 July 2001 by John Salmon; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Resembled Christ in his appearance, so much so that many mistook the one for the other, and this it was which rendered the betrayal of Judas necessary. After the Lord’s death, James vowed that he would not eat until he had seen him risen, and the Saviour appeared to him the same day, and commanding that bread should be brought, broke it and gave it to James, exhorting the disciples to eat. After the Ascension, James was ordained bishop of Jerusalem, and governed that church for thirty years. As James was preaching to Caiaphas and other Jews in the temple, a Jew entered the building and spoke against him stirring up the people, and a man ascended the steps where James was preaching and threw him down breaking his leg so that he went lame for ever afterwards. Nevertheless he never ceased from preaching throughout his episcopate. When the Jews had been baulked of their prey in Paul, who had appealed to Caesar, they turned their persecutions upon James. And on Easter day the priests asked him to declare to all what he thought of Jesus. Then James announced in a loud voice that He was enthroned in Heaven and would come to judge the quick and the dead. At this the Christians rejoiced, but the priests of the Jews were confounded. And having taken counsel together, they took James to the top of a pinnacle of the temple and threw him down. When they came to find him he was on his knees praying for his persecutors. At this they took up stones to cast at him, and while one of the priests chided the others for stoning a just man who was praying for them, one of their number snatched up a fuller’s club and knocked out the brains of the saint. A merchant who had been stripped of all his goods by a tyrant and cast into prison, implored the protection of James, who led him to the summit of a tower and commanding the tower to bow itself to the ground, the merchant escaped. A poor pilgrim, being without money and food, fell asleep by the wayside, and on waking found that Saint James had supplied him with a loaf of bread, which lasted until the end of the journey. 1st May.


  • The fuller’s club.

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