A Garner of Saints – Saint Isidore of Madrid

Saint Isidore the FarmerArticle

Born at Madrid about 1110. His parents were devout but poor, and could give him no education. He worked as an agricultural labourer, and entered the service of Juan de Vargas, who proved a hard master, grudging the time which he spent in his devotions. But one day when Juan had gone into the field to reprimand him, he saw Isidore kneeling in the field, while two angels guided his plough. Overcome by awe, Juan went home and dealt more kindly with his servant thereafter. On another occasion Isidore provided Juan with water by striking a rock and causing a fountain to spring up, and when his master’s son fell into a well and was drowned Isidore restored him to life. Although so poor himself, he gave freely to the poor. He predicted his own death, and died in the year 1170 of a fever. The canonisation took place in the year 1662. Patron saint of Madrid. 10th May.


  • Dressed as a labourer and carries a spade, or with plough; angels are at work in the field behind him.

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