A Garner of Saints – Saint Fina

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A virgin of Tuscany who flourished in the thirteenth century. To escape the perils which she ran on account of her beauty, she shut herself up in her house. Here she was seized by a malady which kept her a prisoner on her bed where she was unable to move, and several times she was attacked by rats. After years of suflering borne with exemplary patience, she was warned of her approaching end by a vision of Saint Gregory, whom she held in especial reverence. At the moment of her death it is said that all the bells in San Gimignano tolled of their own accord. When the body was being borne to burial, it stretched out the right hand to heal Fina’s old nurse who had been suffering from a grievous malady. She died in 1253, and is said to have belonged to the Benedictine Order. 12th March.


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