A Garner of Saints – Saint Dorothy

detail of a colour lithograph of Saint Dorothy, date and artist unknown; part of the Wellcome Collection; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Virgin and martyr, suffered at Caesarea in Cappadocia. When her two sisters were terrified into apostacy, the judge delivered her to them, in order that they might induce her to sacrifice. But she recalled them to the faith, and inspired them for martyrdom. Both of them were burned in sight of their sister, but Dorothy was led away to be beheaded. As she was preparing for execution a student named Theophilus laughingly asked her if she would send him roses from Paradise whither she was going. She promised, and while they executed her a youth stood by Theophilus and gave him three apples and three roses which he said he had brought for him from Paradise at the request of Dorothy. And Theophilus was astonished to see roses in winter, and having thought upon the miracle he was converted and himself sufl’ered martyrdom. This happened in the year 303. Dorothy’s body was taken to Rome, and is preserved there in the church dedicated to her. Every year, on her feast day, roses and apples are blessed there in memory of this legend. 6th February.


  • Carries roses and apples.

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